About me: Will joined the human race at a bit of a meager jog and still hasn’t bothered to finish. He staggers through life looking confused and lost and then finds the local pub and suddenly perks up. Thrust into onanism at an early age, he hasn’t let go yet.

Will sometime writes about himself in the third person because, and he quotes; ‘it’s more fun that way’.

He’s well known for his complete devotion to music and is rarely seen without earphones in. Known to play guitar, bass and a bit of keyboards and drums if he gets near them.

He is constantly bombarded with tirades of abuse for being completely unaware that people say ‘hello’ when they pass him on the street; in actual fact he’s totally aware of their presence but prefers the outraged look they have when they storm off ‘unnoticed’.

The above is also true of his Facebook account; he has been know to just wander off leaving the whole thing open and return several hours later to find 20+ people all talking to themselves (now that’s funny!)

His interests involve computers, books, films, books of the film, films of the book, music from the film, music books, music in general, and alcohol (G&T, but is known to down anything with a percentage).

He has decided to let his madness lose on WordPress because the miniscule text boxes on Facebook can’t contain enough mutterings before breaking down into tears and demanding he leaves the internet alone…


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